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A book that brings children closer not only to art but also to a philosophy of Japanese life and thought that will help to model the child's personality in terms of respect ,in accordance with the current environmental situation.

As an educator, mother of three children and Art teacher for children ages 3-12 at Japan’s Montessori College, I became aware of where the authentic artist can be found and discovered that art is loved by all children. However, this interest begins to fade as the child matures. They just need to have the materials and tools. This ‘great-little artist’ emerges from carrying out a project with enthusiasm and freedom. As adults we strive, unnecessarily on many occasions, to try to mould the child by encouraging him/her do things that we consider to be correct. However, by trusting their autonomy and letting them investigate and perform a task on their own, can surprise us with fabulous results. On the other hand, it reinforces their self-worth and acceptance when feeling loved and useful: “Joy, feeling your own worth, being appreciated and loved by others, feeling useful and able to produce, are factors of great value to the human soul. ” Maria Montessori.

In this book you will find a very useful tool to develop a strong personality in the child and contribute to building a solid self-esteem, with values that will allow him/her to be a successful adult in life, which can only be translated by the Word ‘happiness’. This is also true because when the basis of a person in their social integration is respect for oneself and everything that surrounds him/her, together with a Japanese IKIGAI philosophy of life, the result is none other than to give meaning to our life. The unique concepts of Japanese culture are detailed in a practical way to apply to the child. All this is achieved through the elaboration of projects that bring him/her closer to Japanese Art. Using their unique techniques and styles will help fuel their creativity.

Children will witness that with small decisions and constant effort, great achievements are achieved. On this occasion, with a ‘small-grea’t work of art.

Sonia G Caballero

“I love creating alternative worlds
from my dreams.”


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"101 Creativity Projects by Sonia G Caballero, is a multi-faceted book that contains both art pedagogy, a catalogue of her own work, and artistic literature on Japanese art and customs. A beautiful and careful volume, which promises not to be the last, and which in my opinion will be fruitful and useful, not only for children but also for older adults."

Foreword by Joan Abelló Juanpere

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Art, Architecture, Culture, Values...
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