“Conscientiousness always keeps our eyes fixed on daily life, so that whatever new things we incorporate have an immediate manifestation in our daily lives. In this way, we learn to honour our gifts and talents, to help our children bring out the best in themselves”.
(Emilio Carrillo, “Conscientiousness”)


Education” is a continuous learning process throughout our lives.  To educate means to draw out, to lead out. According to the Socratic Mayeutics “Helping to bring forth what is conceived by the subject himself”, by educating we help the learner to discover what is inside him. By helping the child or young person to discover themselves, they will discover their gifts and talents and put them to use by giving the best of themselves, this is what in Japanese is called KOKORO WO KOMETE, a term that you will find in the KOTODAMA book.

Education has two main foundations: to collaborate so that the child, adolescent or young person knows himself; and that in doing so, he values his innate capacities, qualities, gifts and faculties, that is to say, his gifts and talents.

It is essential to apply consciousness to education in its various forms and levels in order to recover the authentic meaning and reason for being.

Developing as a person cannot be separated from emotional growth. Young people are very damaged affectively and emotionally by the fact that the labour market swallows up parents and they are no longer available for their children. There is a lot of lack of love and a lot of imbalance in children. A person who is emotionally damaged cannot learn. Therapeutics has a lot to do with giving back to the person the freedom, the expontaneity and the freedom to know one’s own desires. The civilised world is a domesticated world and education and upbringing are instruments of this domestication. We have a sick civilisation, artists realised this a long time ago and now more and more thinkers.

(Consciousness and Dystopian Society).

ART has an enormous importance within education, it is not only a therapeutic tool but also a tool of introspection, so it helps the individual to bring out what is inside him, it helps him to know his gifts and talents and to make them grow. Failure to nurture a child’s gifts and talents leads to an unhappy and frustrated life.

Today’s education focuses on developing the rational part of the child, but in reality man must also attend to the emotional and visceral part in order to come closer to educating a complete being.

We could go deeper into the current education, which leads to what I call a “modern slavery” and Emilio Carrillo, in his book “Consciencia” names as “integral slaves”. But it is about creating a new reality, not criticising the one that “falls apart”, a reality in which each individual learns to live with his or her gifts and talents, which leads to each being becoming a person who lives in fullness.

From the School of Art of Sonia G Caballero, we begin a new unique project, ART & EDUCATION, ART & CONSCIOUSNESS, educating in the emotions and the deep mind which is what gives meaning to life. Art within education as a fundamental and absolutely necessary tool, giving rise to an integral education in which the individual unfolds his GIFTS and TALENTS, his IKIGAI, stimulating its flowering and facilitating its implementation and work is not work but a direct consequence of LIVING and ENJOY being able to realize your PURPOSE of life.

“Make your work fit your purpose”.

Leonardo Da’Vinchi

“Every individual lives in a continually changing world of experiences of which he is the centre.”

Carl Rogers

In this line we have created new projects of ART and EDUCATION, ART and CONSCIOUSNESS of the Sonia G Caballero School of Art. Projects that will be carried out inside and outside the school, from its online platform, where if you have not yet booked your place you can do so by filling in the form that you will find in the school itself and you can access from anywhere in the world to the live VIRTUAL CLASSROOM, or by registering for the new LIVE PROJECTS, which consist of ART classes in nature, outings to different locations in very small groups in some provinces of Spain. The children and young people will be accompanied by their families (1 adult minimum) and Sonia G Caballero, together with her team. We will be able to LIVE, SHARE and put into practice with ENTHUSIASM many of the projects of Sonia G Caballero Art School.

The first outing will take place in the province of CADIZ, ANDALUSIA, a route in EL BOSQUE, which is part of the famous Route of the White Villages of Cadiz. EL BOSQUE is nestled among lush forests and dotted with medicinal springs. Here we will carry out an art project to welcome AUTUMN and put SHINRINYOKU or Forest Baths into practice.

Another outing will be to TENTUDÍA, at the highest point of Badajoz, in the province of EXTREMADURA, where after a creative ART and LIFE project we will be able to see the MILK WAY and propose a second ART project.

I invite you to join the Telegram Group and the Fecebook Group, where we share all the updated information and we will be proposing new outings and continuous projects of ART and LIFE, ART and CONSCIOUSNESS of the Sonia G Caballero Art School.

*Students of the Sonia G Caballero Art School can enjoy a 20% discount on the price of the ART and EDUCATION, ART and CONSCIOUSNESS Project.

For more information enter the Sonia G Caballero Art School and write to us by filling in the form you will find.