The exhibition in Madrid, Casa Club is extended to the month of February

Due to the large number of visitors, the pictorial exhibition will be extended until February 2023

Sonia Caballero presents her new work Red Gold Coral, along with works from her eight collections and the Art & Jewerly and Art & Fashion projects.

ART & JEWERLY is a project that began in 2017.
The work The Wishing Tree and its fruit, the pieces of high jewelry Wishes, 18K. solid gold. Unique and exclusive pieces.

We work to order.
* We need a minimum of one month to make each jewel.
* If you are thinking of a unique gift for Christmas, you can place your order now so that we have time to get your jewel, for that special person.



ART AND FASHION, original and unique work of Sonia Caballero in personalized garments of leading brands. If you want a unique piece, contact us and Sonia Caballero will create a unique design for you.
Japanese kimono painting techniques in fusion with our own techniques and precious metals, 24k Gold and Platinum, which has led Sonia Caballero to win the European Award for Innovation in Fashion and Culture, 2022.


Also present are works of the eight collections. And the latest creation Red Gold Coral