Sonia G Caballero


Sonia G Caballero lanza su nueva colección de joyas

Sonia GCaballero launches her new jewelry collection

In collaboration with the prestigious jeweler Ernest Oriol, it significantly improves compared to previous collections. The artist born in Madrid was eager to continue evolving in her role as a jewelry designer. And I was very clear that the quality of the final products had to take a step forward. Therefore, Romero Premium Networking, as

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Her painting “The Year of Tolerance” is received by the UAE Consul General in Barcelona at a reception  at the Real Cercle Artístic of Barcelona.    The personal development of Sonia G Caballero in this 2019 has been spectacular. With an exhibition in Japan marked by the success of the influx of people (more than

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SONIA G CABALLERO: Paintings “a la Carte…”

The Spanish artist based in Japan the last 20 years of her life also develops personalized art for some of her clients. Sonia G Caballero we have always said that she is not a conventional artist. She has innovated in Japanese painting techniques, creating his own techniques, has reinterpreted oriental art by mixing it with

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Feng Sui, an essential lifestyle for Sonia G Caballero

The Spanish artist tells us about her passion for Feng Sui. Feng Sui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system of Taoist origin based on the conscious and harmonious occupation of space in order to achieve a positive influence on the people who occupy it. In this way attract the favourable energies that help us to

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Inspirations by Sonia G Caballero

Japan is undoubtedly a country that has become my source of inspiration, places like the Japanese park Monet’s Pond and the province of Gifu, are sources that I like to drink to get inspired. I remember that recently a boy wrote to me for advice, because he had lost his inspiration, and I didn’t know

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Art & Jewelry: the evolution of Sonia G Caballero’s work

The Spanish artist tells us her passion for high jewelry, and her inspiration to design truly unique pieces. The “Art & Jewelry” project emerged after the creation of the work “The Tree of Desires.” This piece is a work inspired by Ōgata Kōrin, a Japanese artist from the Rimpa school and from the Edo era.

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The reason for Sonia G Caballero

At a time when everything seems homogenized and what is personal costs more, particularly in the art world, many times we must ask ourselves what makes us choose between a work and another, what leads us to buy a painting or another. Several artists currently use similar techniques, personal styles that remind us of the

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