Sonia G Caballero


SONIA G CABALLERO, Asian and Western fusion in art

Meet Romero Premium Networking’s New Partner: SONIA G CABALLERO, when Asian and Western art merge together. As a blow of fresh air, Sonia G Caballero has made an entry in the Romero corporate environment, as usual, thanks to a personal recommendation of our Premium Networking. And, of course, only one thing crossed my mind after

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Kourinhaku-Oil. A way of expression by Sonia G Caballero

Finding a form of expression is not easy. Finding the space which feels that we have inside finds a format which define ourselves, can take us a lifetime. Sonia G. Caballero found it in Japan, specifically with the technique of Kourinhaku-Oil. The use of gold has been much appreciated in Japan in many fields, not

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