Sonia G Caballero presents her latest works in her exhibition in Bunkamura (Tokyo) in exclusive

Next Friday, September the 13th, the new exhibition of Sonia G Caballero will be inaugurated in the prestigious Bunkamura gallery, in the Shibuya neighborhood, Tokyo.

It is the 5th time that Sonia G Caballero exhibits in Bunkamura in the last 4 years, which, by the way, is celebrating this year its thirtieth anniversary in the Shibuya neighborhood. The exhibition will begin this week, and its new exhibition that will take place from next Friday the 13th until Thursday, September the 19th. After 20 years living in Japan, Japanese art has been engraved in her heart, especially the current Rimpa of the Edo era. This exhibition will offer her new works, which are an expression of the fusion of the Rimpa School in fusion with European art, in exclusive.

“Kachoufugetsu” is a Japanese expression that means flowers, birds, wind and moon. Each is a symbol of the beauty’s nature, but not only this, but also the elegant taste for their appreciation and respect.

She captures in an image the evanescence of the delicate moment that nature offers us as the moment when a flower blooms. Being attracted to everyday things like a butterfly, the sound of the wind and the moonlight.

We wish the best to our Romero partner in Japan, who will surely achieve the success she deserves.

On the other side, this autumn Sonia G Caballero will be the protagonist of several Romero activities that we will soon reveaL.

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Sonia G Caballero: “Enter the Void-Zen … connect with myself and find inspiration”

10 Basic principles of Zen Philosophy, a lifestyle …

1.- Live here and now
This is the only moment you have, there is only one here and one now, the past is only attainable through our memories, it produces nostalgia and the future is just our imagination in action, it creates anxiety.
2.- Pay attention to everything you do 
Focus on what you do, if you are walking in nature, if you are listening to music, if you are exercising, tie your mind to that activity, try to keep your thoughts from flying to another place, focus on the activity you are running, this is Part of moving meditation.
3.- Be true to your feelings 
Listen to your heart, it will never lead you the wrong way, when your feelings are unpleasant, establish the changes you need to feel at ease. Our feelings and emotions are indicators of how aligned we are with our purposes, so being attentive and being faithful to what we feel will be of vital importance.

4.- Love yourself
Love for yourself is the most important you can feel towards any other being. Loving you will guarantee you well-being, it will place you in comfortable situations for you, it will allow you to have relationships that start from love and respect. Accept yourself as you are and love yourself as you are. You are a perfect being as you are.
5.- Learn to let go
Letting go is one of the basic premises not only in Zen philosophy, but in all those inclined to a full life, binding you to something limits you, chains you, does not let you grow, does not give you space to live new and better experiences. Take the experience for your learning, but let go of what hurts you, the unnecessary, what resents you, the thoughts that overwhelm you. Accept and release.

6.- Be honest with yourself and others
Honesty will allow you to decide optimally, will allow you to recognize your limitations, your mistakes, your successes and mistakes, will allow you to build stronger relationships, with people who probably have honesty as one of their values.
7.- Consider your wishes
That your desires occupy priority places when making decisions, thinking about your desires and working to materialize will be a sign of self-esteem and sense of purpose.
8.- Be responsible for yourself and the world
You are the most important person in charge, take care of yourself and take care of your world, it is your space, we all belong to a unit, we come from the same and we are connected … Take care of your space, take care of your surroundings, take responsibility for your little piece, it will be your Way to change the world.


9.- Do not oppose the flow of life, flow with it
Do not resist, the more adaptability you have, the less resistance you have to change, it will be easier to enjoy a full life. Empty-Zen
10.- Find inner peace
Finding your peace is not a simple task if our mind takes control, your peace will in no case depend on a situation or a second person, it will depend on you, on your connection with your essence, it will be a state that if you get it, you will always try.
Finally, a few words from the teacher Teitaro Suzuki:
“Zen is the ultimate fact of all philosophy and religion. Every intellectual effort must culminate in it, or rather it must begin in it, if it is to yield practical fruit
”Teitaro Suzuki



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SONIA G CABALLERO: Paintings “a la Carte…”

The Spanish artist based in Japan the last 20 years of her life also develops personalized art for some of her clients.

Sonia G Caballero we have always said that she is not a conventional artist. She has innovated in Japanese painting techniques, creating his own techniques, has reinterpreted oriental art by mixing it with western art. She has created a line of high jewelry products … and if it were for it her, she would not stop creating and creating … One of her innovations among renowned artists is the creation of paintings on demand for some of her clients.

And the creation of art tailored to her customers is something that had been around for a long time, and it was Saito San, a 72-year-old lady, who first asked for a custom-made painting. That was after the Wisteria exhibition in Bunkamura, Tokyo, in June 2016. She was in that exhibition and Sonia remembers her words “Thank you for bringing me the park, I can even smell the flowers” Sonia G Caballero told us. “She brought me a photo album of gardens in which she had been throughout her life. She says that in those places there were happy moments from her youth. She wanted a painting that every time she saw it she felt again in those gardens. The result I created was “Wisteria Garden” concludes the artist.

A little later, the client who asked for another custom-made painting was Sayuri San, “she wanted,” recalls Sonia G Caballero, “to give two pictures to her children. She also brought me photos, in this case I had found in the network of Yakushima, a Japanese island and for the other painting she brought me several images. I wanted her to have some elements that are considered of luck and fortune to see on the first day of the year, Hatsuhinode, is the literal translation of the first day of the year. And the elements that contain are Mount Fuji or a pine, which means longevity at dawn. This painting was a composition of three photos “says the artist.

And there are more and more customers asking for their own painting. They remind happy moments in their lives on them, places that they remember with love, in short, indelible memories that they want to have immortalized through the interpretation of an artist as recognized in Japan as Sonia G Caballero.

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Feng Sui, an essential lifestyle for Sonia G Caballero

The Spanish artist tells us about her passion for Feng Sui.

Feng Sui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system of Taoist origin based on the conscious and harmonious occupation of space in order to achieve a positive influence on the people who occupy it. In this way attract the favourable energies that help us to have a better life, better relationships, better health, better abundance and of course, opportunities for success.

Already more than 10 years ago, Sonia G Caballero’s eagerness for books led her to buy a book by Lilian Too, “168 Feng Sui tricks for a happy and peaceful life.” Today, that book is already discontinued. However, she was able to use some of the tricks Lilian explained in her book, although she eventually forgot what they were.

But it was last year when Ayman Ahmed Christopher Many, Director of Dubai Media Inc. Dubai TV, with whom she maintains a close friendship, who pushed her back into the world of Feng Sui. Mr. Ayman Ahmed confessed that all Dubai is done with Feng Sui, and how important it is to incorporate it into your life and study your Bazi Letter. Ayman studied the plans of her house and applied his knowledge of Feng Sui, in the kindest way possible. He insisted on the importance of finding a teacher in Feng Sui who would do a home study professionally. He even helped her to find a teacher (in Japan) and after a year he found her. She is called Nastia. A lovely woman with deep knowledge in many fields, and most importantly, is a person very committed to her work.

The work that Ayman did last year according to Nastia, was all correct, although she has added many new elements such as some plants, bamboos in concrete places, pictures of calm sea landscapes and flowers, and metal elements. Another new feature has been to paint the bathrooms in green, for example. Introduce the Chinese coins in specific points of the house and some red ornaments in others…

It is very difficult to determine the specific points of the flying stars of the water and the mountain … balance the energies, increase the positive ones and subtract the negative ones that bring problems …, and what has surprised you most of all the recommendations of Nastia has been to do a small altar in the Ancestors area in the house to say thank you for your life in Japan and precisely in this house, for all your happy moments that you have provided, I have so much to thank this country and this culture! – Sonia G Caballero says always. Nastia is not the first person who tells her that in other lives Sonia has been Japanese and that energy in her is the one that has attracted her to live in the country of the Rising Sun and to be able to live there for more than 20 years. Japan is a very attractive country but difficult for foreigners, especially as it happens to Sonia G Caballero, who comes from a country with so much sun.

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SONIA G CABALLERO returns to Japan to prepare an exhibition in Tokyo

She will exhibit again in the Bunkamura gallery in Tokyo two years after his last exhibition.

After a whole year in Spain creating new works and new personal projects, Sonia G Caballero returns to her adopted country, Japan, to prepare the exhibition of her work that will take place at the Bunkamura gallery in Tokyo in September. There she will offer a new series of works that will surely be liked by her fans. Sonia G Caballero told us that she is very excited to return to Bunkamura, where she celebrated her last exhibition of her work.

With renewed illusions, and with new inspirations and evolved techniques, she wants to show that she is an artist who has not reached the ceiling. Its constant evolution, its new jewelry projects and the international expansion of her work, mark the route map of the Madrid’s painter for the coming months.

Romero Premium Networking, a leading company in Spain developing personal brands, which manages Sonia G Caballero, the brand and the development of her professional project, is closing an exhibition in Barcelona, ​​the first in Spain for October or November of this year, in addition to other activities that we will communicate promptly when they become official.

We look forward to wishing the greatest success in Japan for our partner in this brief stay in the country of the Rising Sun.

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Inspirations by Sonia G Caballero

Japan is undoubtedly a country that has become my source of inspiration, places like the Japanese park Monet’s Pond and the province of Gifu, are sources that I like to drink to get inspired.

I remember that recently a boy wrote to me for advice, because he had lost his inspiration, and I didn’t know how to get it back. That occasion was the first time I asked myself what inspired me, so that, in this way, I could also help him.

I made an introspection inside me then, and it was when I was aware that all human beings have periods of pause and rest. And it is precisely in these periods, where we reconnect ourselves. The connection with nature is essential for me. So, for example, visit the mountains in Japan every week, with those wonderful landscapes of clouds, and that hide the mountain tops, between the weak drizzle and the green colours of their trees in summer, which contrast with the red ones in autumn, and the exuberance of the beautiful Japanese parks in spring.

It is a feeling of fusion, of union with the whole, of connection and also of disconnection paradoxically, feeling literally in paradise. It is very important for me to do what I like and satisfy, what makes me feel happy. See the flying butterflies, the flowers adorning everything, the dragonflies, the fireflies, the movement of the water in the streams, the fish swimming in them, the sea and their sounds, with its wet breeze brushing my skin, immersing myself in it and seeing the corals in motion, its striking colour combinations and on the contrary, its delicacy, to love my environment and sometimes think that there is someone there.

El parque Monet’s pond

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Sonia G Caballero agrees with Ernest Oriol the creation of her new high jewelry line

Sonia G Caballero agrees with Ernest Oriol the creation of her new high jewelry line.

We have always said in Romero that sharing is the basis of Premium Networking, and therefore, one of our most recent brands, Sonia G Caballero, has understood that together we are stronger, and has taken advantage of the Romero platform to reach partners who can benefit in her business interests.

On his trip to Barcelona for business, one of the most momentous was the meeting with the High Jewelry company Ernest Oriol, one of the most emblematic Spanish brands in Spanish jewellery’s designing since 1951.

The quality of the elements used in the pictorial works of Sonia G Caballero, are every day of higher quality, and therefore, the artist wanted to take a step forward in her jewelry division. To achieve this, she needed to join brands with a proven reputation in Spain, and Ernest Oriol was the perfect partner to make that leap.

Ernest Oriol, is a myth in the Spanish high jewellery, with worldwide sales including Japan, self-made manufactures, as well as for prestigious brands such as Tiffani and Cartier among many others.

This first meeting with the General Director Javier Oriol was held to resolve the new materials to be used, and the new models to be designed. Javier’s advice is invaluable thanks to his enormous experience in High Jewelry. It was not expected, but it was a pleasant surprise of meeting Ernest Oriol, the creator of the brand 68 years ago. The meeting was very endearing and also very instructive, Mr. Ernest taught many classic designs that he had created in recent years, and gave him several tips on what to design and what materials to use.

In short, Ernest Oriol Joyeros will be in charge of the new high jewelry line of Sonia G Caballero, elements of her works taken to high jewellery. Pieces that are focused on by being full of colour and unique shapes. We are looking forward to seeing these new pieces in the very near future.

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Art & Jewelry: the evolution of Sonia G Caballero’s work

The Spanish artist tells us her passion for high jewelry, and her inspiration to design truly unique pieces.

The “Art & Jewelry” project emerged after the creation of the work “The Tree of Desires.” This piece is a work inspired by Ōgata Kōrin, a Japanese artist from the Rimpa school and from the Edo era. It is a combination of elements from the east and west that expresses the merger between the two countries, created to commemorate the dual year Spain Japan, the commemoration of the fourth centenary of relations between both countries, that took place in 2013/2014.

Art & Jewelry: la evolución de la obra de Sonia G Caballero

His first public appearance was at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo, in Roppongui – Ichomei, where, by the way, she had great success and later in the Bunkamura art gallery, in 2016, one of the most important galleries in Tokyo, located in the famous neighborhood of Shibuya. Here, in addition, her artwork was admired and got a great acceptance by the Japanese public.

It was in this exhibition where “Desires”, Fruits of the Tree of Desires were presented for the first time. They are 24k Gold and platinum discs with different colours of oil painting. Each colour represents things like abundance, love, success, health … Their initial creation was to make them an amulet type, Omamori in Japanese, something very consistent with Japanese culture. The Omamori are something highly valued and respected for the Japanese, each temple has several representing the previous aspects of life such as health, money … and all the Japanese people use them and renew them annually.

And as the clients knew Sonia G Caballero’s style, and through their requests, she began to design high jewelry pendants, in collaboration with a Spanish artisan jeweller, who worked with several prestigious brands.

The pendants are made in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold, with oil painted by Sonia G Caballero, so they are pieces which two objectives are obtained, being high jewelry’s pieces and small works of art, finished with a layer of glass lacquer to protect the work. A real exclusive luxury.

Her pieces of high jewelry are well recognized, so every year she works on new designs, expanding the collection and incorporating new elements such as diamonds, as she did in the 2018-2019’s collection. Her success has crossed borders, and not only in Japan, but also in countries such as Monaco, Kuwait and especially in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) where several pieces have been sold.

And as a restless mind, Sonia G Caballero keep on creating new ideas for the next high jewelry collections, you will know at the right moment.

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The reason for Sonia G Caballero

At a time when everything seems homogenized and what is personal costs more, particularly in the art world, many times we must ask ourselves what makes us choose between a work and another, what leads us to buy a painting or another. Several artists currently use similar techniques, personal styles that remind us of the influence of past times.

And yet, there is something unique about the work of Sonia G caballero: a very personal fusion between eastern and western techniques and materials, as well as the approach to a variety of styles from a self-taught and free experience. This is something that can be appreciated in her seven collections, from the very Japanese as is the Sumi collection, based on the lacquer technique, to the Platinum collection, based on materials such as platinum and gold, or those with more western touch such as the oil works on canvas.


Her own personal experience is noted on that diversity and eclecticism. When she was a child, her grandfather used to take her to the Prado and Reina Sofía museums. There she was impressed by Picasso’s Guernica, Goya’s Majas or Murillo’s La Piconera, as well as by Goya’s dark paintings and those deformed horses that she never liked in her childhood.

She grew up with the retina full of those images, capturing their essence. At 23, she traveled to Japan to stay in that country. As a matter of fact, it was in Japan where she embarked on a particular journey through all the wonderful Japanese art. The lacquer artworks, as well as those wonderful ones with precious metals, had such a tremendous influence on her way of appreciating art that she had to try for herself.

And everything has worked out fine for the artistic proposal by Sonia G Caballero, who is making a real difference in the art world. A form of expression that never stops increasing in value and that has shared the same room with legends such as Picasso, as was the case at the embassy of Japan in 2014 and 2015.


She is an artist worth betting on with a great career full of opportunities for growth ahead of her.

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Kourinhaku-Oil. A way of expression by Sonia G Caballero

Finding a form of expression is not easy.

Finding the space which feels that we have inside finds a format which define ourselves, can take us a lifetime. Sonia G. Caballero found it in Japan, specifically with the technique of Kourinhaku-Oil.

The use of gold has been much appreciated in Japan in many fields, not only in its traditional use in jewelry, also in architecture, kimonos, in everyday items or in art. Not only its value is appreciated, but its delicacy and its strength, providing a unique character and it is a brand that defines the Japanese origin of a work. It is a value full of elegance.

To understand the meaning of the word Kourinhaku-Oil we must understand something of the History of Japanese Art. We must go back to the Rimpa School, consolidated by the brothers Ogata Korin and Kenzan, which has its hallmark in the use of gold.

The word itself is a condensation of words such as light, Rimpa School, thin sheet of metal … there is a variant of the use of gold, platinum, silver fused with European oil and Urushi, the traditional Japanese lacquer. The result of all this mixing and fusion is a series of creations such as those that arise from the hand of Sonia G. Caballero, unique creations of beauty with a distinctive seal in art. When it is increasingly difficult to find something different in the art world, here we have something unique.

A technique created by Sonia G. Caballero that fuses techniques from the East and the West, in which the beauty of the natural is expressed in harmony with the brightness of precious metals, the colour of oil and the sobriety of Urushi, also highly appreciated and Valued in Japan.

When you find your way of expression, no matter the time or place. What emerges travel in the same way through time and space, as in Sonia G. Caballero’s work. And in Romero‘s environment everything that happens is causal, and the incorporation of the Madrid artist, we are sure that it will be a great asset for our international network.

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