How Japanese art and culture influence Montessori education?

How to improve education. Sonia G Caballero participates along with almost thirty experts in the third edition. “Montessori in the World. Another education is possible.”         A meeting place where almost thirty experts from around the world will talk about different topics related to education and especially Montessori pedagogy. The speakers will …

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サマーワークショップ: 1-木製スタンプまたは 2-ゴム製スタンプ

SONIA G CABALLERO’S MONTESSORI ART SCHOOL. The first  Art School in the World founded by Sonia G Caballero.     After the publication of the book Japanese Art & Culture for Children. Vol. I, which in just eight months, since its first edition, has already sold more than 1,500 copies. And the recent opening of …

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KOTODAMA 言霊. The Heart of Japan, Art and Culture. KOTODAMA 言霊. The Word has Life. The Word has Soul… Thus begins the chapter in which this expression of power is explained. Concentrate ki 気 and make a sentence of the word to be fulfilled. That is the power of KOTODAMA. There are many books written about Japanese …

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101 Creativity Projects, my new Book

Art, Architecture, Culture, Values…   From the hand of Sonia G Caballero children’s art projects, taught at school  Montessori in Japan. A book that brings children closer not only to art but also to a philosophy of Japanese life and thought that will help to model the child’s personality in terms of respect ,in accordance with the …

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Sonia G Caballero launches her new jewelry collection

Sonia G Caballero lanza su nueva colección de joyas

In collaboration with the prestigious jeweler Ernest Oriol, it significantly improves compared to previous collections. The artist born in Madrid was eager to continue evolving in her role as a jewelry designer. And I was very clear that the quality of the final products had to take a step forward, therefore Ernest Oriol as the best …

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Her painting “The Year of Tolerance” is received by the UAE Consul General in Barcelona at a reception  at the Real Cercle Artístic of Barcelona.    The personal development of Sonia G Caballero in this 2019 has been spectacular. With an exhibition in Japan marked by the success of the influx of people (more than …

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Sonia G Caballero triumphs in her 5th exhibition at the Bunkamura Gallery

The exhibition of the Spanish painter “Flowers, Birds, Wind & Moon” took place at the Bunkamura Gallery in Tokyo from September 13th to 19th. “When Japan meets Sonia G Caballero … the amazing world becomes reality. Very Japanese art but very sophisticated with western essence. Lovely Sakura and Wisteria Pink sway in your heart and …

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JAPAN COLLECTION | EXHIBITION – Sep -2019 | Bunkamura Gallery – TOKYO

JAPAN COLLECTION | EXHIBITION – Sep -2019 | Bunkamura Wall Gallery – TOKYO 13 sep. 2019     花鳥風月 …flowers, birds, wind & moon… At the 5th Bunkamura exhibition, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the famous Tokyo gallery in Shibuya neighborhood, after 20 years living in Japan has been engraved in my heart the Japanese …

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SUMI COLLECTION | EXHIBITION – dec – 2017 | Bunkamura Gallery- TOKYO

Sonia G Caballero

SUMI COLLECTION EXHIBITION | Bunkamura , Shibuya, Tokyo   4 dec. 2017 – 10 dec. 2017 【Artist’s gallery plan】 12/9(sat)  12:00~13:00 12/10(sun) 18:00~19:00 Sumi-e or Suibokga is a traditional drawing technique in its monochromatic ink origins of the Japanese Painting School. In my works I also use Iro-sumi, which is colored ink, mixed with precious metals, …

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