European Award for Innovation in Culture and Fashion, 2022

I have recently had the great honor and satisfaction of receiving a new award. Thank you for this new recognition “EUROPEAN AWARD FOR INNOVATION IN CULTURE AND FASHION, 2022”.

-Innovation in techniques:
Fusion of European and Oriental techniques. Creator of the KOURINHAKUOIL technique.
-Innovation in materials, fusion of European materials, oils and Japanese lacquers with precious metals and diamonds.
– Innovation in fashion, ART & FASHION project merging painting techniques of KIMONO JAPANESE with European and own techniques, applying precious metals gold, platinum … Creating a new collection.
Painted bags …
– Innovation in HIGH JEWELRY pieces with the ART & JEWELRY project. Jewelry with a deep meaning of Japanese culture, fruits of a work “THE WISH TREE”.

AETI Association and its president Jordi Bentanachs Palomar and its vice-president Rosa Maria Puentedura Huertas.
Among some of the winners:
Rosa Mari & Alberto – Alafoto, photographers.
Gutisa Cinema events, David.
Antonia Navarrete Solidarity, Writer
Francisca Blázquez, Painter
Event presented by the journalist Pilar Carrizosa
© Images Rafael Plaza Aragonés, thanks.