Sonia G Caballero participates along with almost thirty experts in the:


Congreso Internacional Montessori




A meeting place where almost thirty experts from around the world will talk about different topics related to education and especially Montessori pedagogy.

The speakers will share their know-how, as well as their best tools for practical application, because the congress will not be just an accumulation of theoretical concepts, but a real lever for change.

It will take place the week of July 5-9, 2021 and the conferences can be viewed free of charge from anywhere in the world.

Who is this Congress for?


Teachers, educators, teachers who work with vocation and wish to expand their training, as well as educational centers that wish to make a transformation in their classrooms at all educational levels. This congress is also extremely useful for other professionals who work with children, such as psychologists, speech therapists, socio-cultural animators, etc.



Parents who understand the value of the educational legacy they will pass on to their children, who are committed to other ways of educating and who long for an evolution of the traditional system towards a more respectful approach in which children can build their own learning based on their interests. We know that grandparents also attend and enjoy it very much!

The conferences will be around 5 thematic axes

Montessori in public schools

Because it is possible to have a Montessori philosophy in any educational setting, and this is where the biggest change should occur.

Development of competencies

The power of vision
Emotional Intelligence
Nonviolent Communication
Creative thinking
Working with NNEE

Montessori specialties:

Beginning Nest
Cosmic Education

Projects that become reality in the world


Reflections that will not leave you indifferent

The change we all yearn for
Transformation of schools
Different educational contexts
Screens and technology
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