Inspirations by Sonia G Caballero

Japan is undoubtedly a country that has become my source of inspiration, places like the Japanese park Monet’s Pond and the province of Gifu, are sources that I like to drink to get inspired.

I remember that recently a boy wrote to me for advice, because he had lost his inspiration, and I didn’t know how to get it back. That occasion was the first time I asked myself what inspired me, so that, in this way, I could also help him.

I made an introspection inside me then, and it was when I was aware that all human beings have periods of pause and rest. And it is precisely in these periods, where we reconnect ourselves. The connection with nature is essential for me. So, for example, visit the mountains in Japan every week, with those wonderful landscapes of clouds, and that hide the mountain tops, between the weak drizzle and the green colours of their trees in summer, which contrast with the red ones in autumn, and the exuberance of the beautiful Japanese parks in spring.

It is a feeling of fusion, of union with the whole, of connection and also of disconnection paradoxically, feeling literally in paradise. It is very important for me to do what I like and satisfy, what makes me feel happy. See the flying butterflies, the flowers adorning everything, the dragonflies, the fireflies, the movement of the water in the streams, the fish swimming in them, the sea and their sounds, with its wet breeze brushing my skin, immersing myself in it and seeing the corals in motion, its striking colour combinations and on the contrary, its delicacy, to love my environment and sometimes think that there is someone there.

El parque Monet’s pond

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