The reason for Sonia G Caballero

At a time when everything seems homogenized and what is personal costs more, particularly in the art world, many times we must ask ourselves what makes us choose between a work and another, what leads us to buy a painting or another. Several artists currently use similar techniques, personal styles that remind us of the influence of past times.

And yet, there is something unique about the work of Sonia G caballero: a very personal fusion between eastern and western techniques and materials, as well as the approach to a variety of styles from a self-taught and free experience. This is something that can be appreciated in her seven collections, from the very Japanese as is the Sumi collection, based on the lacquer technique, to the Platinum collection, based on materials such as platinum and gold, or those with more western touch such as the oil works on canvas.


Her own personal experience is noted on that diversity and eclecticism. When she was a child, her grandfather used to take her to the Prado and Reina Sofía museums. There she was impressed by Picasso’s Guernica, Goya’s Majas or Murillo’s La Piconera, as well as by Goya’s dark paintings and those deformed horses that she never liked in her childhood.

She grew up with the retina full of those images, capturing their essence. At 23, she traveled to Japan to stay in that country. As a matter of fact, it was in Japan where she embarked on a particular journey through all the wonderful Japanese art. The lacquer artworks, as well as those wonderful ones with precious metals, had such a tremendous influence on her way of appreciating art that she had to try for herself.

And everything has worked out fine for the artistic proposal by Sonia G Caballero, who is making a real difference in the art world. A form of expression that never stops increasing in value and that has shared the same room with legends such as Picasso, as was the case at the embassy of Japan in 2014 and 2015.


She is an artist worth betting on with a great career full of opportunities for growth ahead of her.

Telephone. +81 80-4850-3014