101 Creativity Projects, my new Book

Art, Architecture, Culture, Values…


From the hand of Sonia G Caballero children’s art projects, taught at school  Montessori in Japan.

A book that brings children closer not only to art but also to a philosophy of Japanese life and thought that will help to model the child’s personality in terms of respect ,in accordance with the current environmental situation.

A unique opportunity to approach an attractive world and inaccessible techniques, such as JAPANESE ART, with art projects specially developed for children by Sonia G Caballero.

Artist from Madrid with 20 years living in Japan and a long professional experience in the Nippon country. With more than 5 exhibitions in one of the most important galleries in Tokyo, Bunkamura, where more than 4,000 people spent a week in their last exhibition, in 2019.

Artist with outstanding international recognition, by countries such as the United Arab Emirates, has delivered to the Government of the E.A.U. from his work “The Year of Tolerance” 2019.


A book, in which children can include an image of his completed project, in a specifically reserved space for it, moreover with the name of “MY PROJECT”, where they can write their names and the date next to the image of the project that is presented in the book.

Sonia G Caballero said “…In this book you will find a very useful tool to develop a strong personality in the child and contribute to building a solid self-esteem, with values that will allow him/her to be a successful adult in life, which can only be translated by the Word ‘happiness’. This is also true because when the basis of a person in their social integration is respect for oneself and everything that surrounds him/ her, together with a Japanese IKIGAI philosophy of life, the result is none other than to give meaning to our life. The unique concepts of Japanese culture are detailed in a practical way to apply to the child. All this is achieved through the elaboration of projects that bring him/her closer to Japanese Art. Using their unique techniques and styles will help fuel their creativity. Children will witness that with small decisions and constant effort, great achievements are achieved. On this occasion, with a ‘small-grea’t work of art”.

In the Foreword, written by Joan Abelló, Art Critic and Historian tells us:

«101 Creativity Projects by Sonia G Caballero, is a multi-faceted book that contains both art pedagogy, a catalogue of her own work, and artistic literature on Japanese art and customs. A beautiful and careful volume, which promises not to be the last, and which in my opinion will be fruitful and useful, not only for children but also for older adults.»

You can reserve your copy signed and dedicated by the author right here, where you can also download a free PDF sample.