Kourinhaku-Oil. A way of expression by Sonia G Caballero

Finding a form of expression is not easy.

Finding the space which feels that we have inside finds a format which define ourselves, can take us a lifetime. Sonia G. Caballero found it in Japan, specifically with the technique of Kourinhaku-Oil.

The use of gold has been much appreciated in Japan in many fields, not only in its traditional use in jewelry, also in architecture, kimonos, in everyday items or in art. Not only its value is appreciated, but its delicacy and its strength, providing a unique character and it is a brand that defines the Japanese origin of a work. It is a value full of elegance.

To understand the meaning of the word Kourinhaku-Oil we must understand something of the History of Japanese Art. We must go back to the Rimpa School, consolidated by the brothers Ogata Korin and Kenzan, which has its hallmark in the use of gold.

The word itself is a condensation of words such as light, Rimpa School, thin sheet of metal … there is a variant of the use of gold, platinum, silver fused with European oil and Urushi, the traditional Japanese lacquer. The result of all this mixing and fusion is a series of creations such as those that arise from the hand of Sonia G. Caballero, unique creations of beauty with a distinctive seal in art. When it is increasingly difficult to find something different in the art world, here we have something unique.

A technique created by Sonia G. Caballero that fuses techniques from the East and the West, in which the beauty of the natural is expressed in harmony with the brightness of precious metals, the colour of oil and the sobriety of Urushi, also highly appreciated and Valued in Japan.

When you find your way of expression, no matter the time or place. What emerges travel in the same way through time and space, as in Sonia G. Caballero’s work. And in Romero‘s environment everything that happens is causal, and the incorporation of the Madrid artist, we are sure that it will be a great asset for our international network.




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