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We welcome you to the Sonia G Caballero Montessori Art School

The First Montessori Art School in the World founded by Sonia G Caballero.

From the School of Art of Sonia G Caballero, we begin a new unique project, ART & EDUCATION, ART & CONSCIOUSNESS, educating in the emotions and the deep mind which is what gives meaning to life. Art within education as a fundamental and absolutely necessary tool, giving rise to an integral education in which the individual unfolds his GIFTS and TALENTS, his IKIGAI, stimulating its flowering and facilitating its implementation and work is not work but a direct consequence of LIVING and ENJOY being able to realize your PURPOSE of life.

«As an educator, mother of three children and Art teacher for children ages 3-12 at Japan’s Montessori College, I became aware of where the authentic artist can be found and discovered that art is loved by all children. However, this interest begins to fade as the child matures. They just need to have the materials and tools. This ‘great-little artist’ emerges from carrying out a project with enthusiasm and freedom. As adults we strive, unnecessarily on many occasions, to try to mold the child by encouraging him/her to do things that we consider to be correct. However, by trusting their autonomy and letting them investigate and perform a task on their own, they can surprise us with fabulous results. On the other hand, it reinforces their self-worth and acceptance when feeling loved and useful.».

«Joy, feeling your own worth, being appreciated and loved by others, feeling useful and able to produce, are factors of great value to the human soul.»

María Montessori

In Sonia G Caballero’s Montessori Art School, you will find a very useful tool to develop a strong personality in the child and contribute to form a solid self-esteem, with values that will help him to be a successful adult in life and that does not translate into any other word than happiness. Because when the basis of a person, in their social integration, are respect for oneself and everything around them, coupled with a Japanese philosophy of life IKIGAI, the result is none other than to give meaning to our life. All this through the development of projects, which bring it closer to Universal Art. The use of unique techniques and styles will contribute to nurture their creativity.

The children will witness that with small decisions and constant effort, great achievements are made. On this occasion, their small-big work of art.

I believe that the artists of the XXI century have an important task and is to return to the human being the true value of art, after the desecration it has suffered in recent years, coupled with a devaluation of what Art really means to man.

A Montessori school specialized exclusively in Art. A space where children:

  • They will create their own Art projects taught at the Montessori school in Japan by Sonia G Caballero.
  • They will learn specific Art techniques and Japanese Art techniques.
  • History and fun facts.
  • Specific activities developed to encourage creativity and concentration.

Ages from 4 to 17 years old.

And all this we will start with:

SUMMER COURSES and WORKSHOPS taught by teachers in English, Japanese and Spanish, with diploma signed by Sonia G Caballero.

Live Art Classes will start in September.

«The child who has freedom and opportunity to manipulate and use his or her hand in a logical way, with consequences and using real elements, develops a strong personality.»

María Montessori

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Firma Sonia G Caballero

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Available courses


Art, Architecture, Culture, Values...

From now on you will be able to do the Art Projects proposed in the book Bringing JAPANESE ART and CULTURE to CHILDREN. Vol.I with virtual support.

The VIRTUAL CLASSROOM consists of the 11 projects from the book Bringing Japanese Art and Culture to Children. Vol. I most difficult, presented in 11 videos.

You can consult your questions and share images of your work in the group created expressly for this purpose on facebook JAPANESE ART and CULTURE for CHILDREN | Book | Book |本



Learn how to make step by step the main 3D geometric figures with origami in 7 videos.

All these basic figures are collected in the FUN MATHS / Geometry / Polyhedra with Origami Course. It is a new way of learning that works very well and helps to develop and create new talents. It is a privilege to have access to something so exclusive and unique that it only takes place in some schools in Japan.

Sonia G Caballero

Summer Workshop available

You can buy my summer workshop in the online store.







Sonia G Caballero

Books and Packs available

You can buy my books and the packs in the online store.

Sonia G Caballero
Congreso Internacional Montessori

Te invito a escuchar mi ponencia en la tercera edición del Congreso Internacional Montessory.

Sonia G Caballero



How the arts develop significant skills for academic success and daily life.   It is a shame to see how art classes are being reduced every year, this school year ,2019-20, with no more than half an hour weekly in public education in some provinces of Spain. The poor training of teachers in ART and the current

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侘寂と美術 “When I go out of this fishing village at sunset on an autumn day, I don’t see open flowers nor coloured Maples unfolding their leaves.” This poetically defines the “tea master” Fujiwara Sadaiye (1162-1241). The artistic element that is part of the reality of SABI. According to the Zen master, D. T. Suzuki, it

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IKIGAI | 生き甲斐

…develop our talent to fulfill our purpose… According to Japanese culture, we all have an IKIGAI. But to find it, a deep and often prolonged self-search is necessary. Finding the IKIGAI brings satisfaction and meaning to our lives. It is “the purpose of life” or “the meaning of life”. Its graphic representation is similar to

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101 Creativity Projects, my new Book

Art, Architecture, Culture, Values…   From the hand of Sonia G Caballero children’s art projects, taught at school  Montessori in Japan. A book that brings children closer not only to art but also to a philosophy of Japanese life and thought that will help to model the child’s personality in terms of respect ,in accordance with the

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