Good luck in projects, work, business, exams, health, love, protection…

OMAMORI in Japanese means protection and are amulets in Japanese culture. Each Shinto and Buddhist templehas its own OMAMORI, and they serve to bring fortune and luck to different aspects of life by providing different types of protection.

Originally they were made of paper or wood, but today OMAMORI are kept in a bag made of designer fabric and traditional Japanese materials. They can contain a sentence.

The Omamori are performed through a sacred ritual, where a busshin (spiritual evolution) is carried out in a Shinto context or Kessin (manifestation) in a Buddhist context.

The OMAMORI must never be open because it would lose its protective power and must belong to only one person. Children usually hang them on the school backpack and adults on their bag, rearview mirror of the car etc..

OMAMORI is renewed every year. After a year, it is returned to the temple where it was purchased. It should never be thrown away, getting rid of it is not recommended, it must be treated with due respect in order to avoid a negative return of its protective action (A. Lussana).

In Japanese culture protection is very important. It dates back centuries and each temple has its own Omamori with colours and traditional and exclusive fabrics, made entirely by hand.

Here we have the Omamori store of the Kamakura Temple, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu. Kamakura was the capital of Japan for almost two centuries.

We can see how the Omamori students hang them from their backpacks. Every year they return to the temple to buy their new Omamori and to give the old ones back.

The origin of DESEOS is found in the Japanese OMAMORI 御守り, where each person chooses his or her colour and asks for their deepest desire to be granted.

They are unique pieces (1/1) and exclusive to the Deseos Collection. Limited and handcrafted, with 18K Yellow or Rose Gold, created by Ernest Oriol and finished with Oil and Crystal Lacquer by Sonia G Caballero.

WISHES,are small pieces of Art and Jewels that merge with our desires.