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Hair Slide 12 Months

HAIR SLIDE | 12 Months Collection


Collection of twelve unique designs of hair slide, with the twelve months of the year. Using as base of Onix, Malachite, Lapislazuli, Nacre and Horn decorated with PLATINUM, 24K GOLD and Oil Painting.




Embassy of Spain in Tokyo 2014


Each piece is inspired by the different elements which are characteristic of its particular month.

ARTWORKS is the result of meticulous and delicate artwork , using materials of the highest quality, and precious metals, 24K GOLD, PLATINUM, SILVER … Giving place to a collection of unique works.

MAY – 2013 | 11cm Nacre decorated with 24K  Gold and Oil Paint. May is the month of flowers, there are colorful flowers in spring.

JUNE, 2013 |15cm  Onyx decorated with 24 K Gold and Oil Paint JULY, 2013  | 15cm Two pieces, Nacre and Onyx  decorated with Oil Paint and 24K Gold.

JULY comb represents “Tanabata”, a Japanese story.

AUGUST, 2013 | 11cm Lapis lazuli decorated with 24K Gold and Oil Paint The design of the month august, belongs to a mosaic portrait part LUIS

SEPTEMBER, 2013 | 15 cm    Unique piece of horn acetate  treated with Oil paint, 24K  Gold and Japanese Washi. Its name, “Winds”, refers to the coming winds and temperature change indicating that it is near the end of summer and we are about to enter a new season, autumn.

OCTOBER, 2013  | 11cm Onyx decorated with oil paint and “Tamamushihaku”. This design is extracted from the box “TIME” and represents the entrance of autumn with its colors and the near fall of the leaves.

NOVEMBER,  2013 | 15 cm Unique and exclusive piece of Onyx, treated with Oil Paint and 24K Gold. This design is drawn from “THE TREE OF WIS”, represents a wish and its color evokes the color of the Japanese Cypress, autumn color in Japan.

DECEMBER, 2013 |  15cm Unique piece, malachite treated with Platinum. This  design refers to the snow of the month of December and snow.


All the works of Sonia  Caballero are unique and exclusive pieces, carefully made with materials of the highest quality and noble metals. Using techniques of fine Japanese art, in fusion with Traditional European classics, give her work a unique character.

All works of Sonia  Caballero have a Certificate of Authenticity belonging to one of her Seven Collections Signed, Sealed and Numbered.