C o l l e c t i o n s



2017, 1.00m x 1.70m | Silver, Oil Colors & Urushi lacquer on canvas.


Bunkamura Gallery Tokyo 2019

The Rimpa School is one of Japan‘s best known art styles.

In Japan, there is the expression kachōfūgetsu (“flowers,birds, wind and moon”). Each is a beautiful symbol of nature, and this expression signifies the elegant taste for capturing changes in weather, adding the wind and moon that express evanescence and establishing an ideal way to express the beauty of kachōfūgetsu.

Our hearts are taken when we look at the plants, flowers, birds, and insects of the changing seasons and are drawn to the gentle wind and moonlight.




All the works of Sonia G Caballero are unique and exclusive pieces, carefully made with materials of the highest quality and noble metals, Platinum, 24K Gold, Silver … Using techniques of fine Japanese art in fusion with European classics Traditional, giving his work a unique character.

All works of Sonia G Caballero have a Certificate of Authenticity belonging to one of its Seven Collections Signed, Sealed and Numbered.