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By the hand of Sonia G Caballero children’s art projects taught at the Montessori School in Japan.

“…sharing the experience of teaching ART in JAPAN in the Montessori School…

This book includes some of my best classes, selecting a series
of projects whereby the child can develop his or her own creativity.

Dealing with aspects of a Millennial Culture,
a language which is full of details as awell as well as the Zen philosophy of life”.

Sonia G Caballero

«101 Creativity Projects by Sonia G Caballero, is a multi-faceted book which contains art pedagogy as well as a catalogue of her own works and artistic literature and aslo insights into Japanese customs.

It is a beautiful and lovingly cared for book, which promises not to be the last, and, as far as I am concerned, will be fruitful and useful, not only for children but also for the more adult among us.»

Joan Abelló Juanpere, Historian and art critic.

A book that brings children closer not only to art but also to a philosophy of Japanese life and thought that will help to model the child’s personality in terms of respect ,in accordance with the current environmental situation.

From now on you will be able to do the Art Projects proposed in the book 101 CREATIVITY PROJECTS. Vol.I with virtual support.

The COURSE is a VIRTUAL CLASSROOM is intended to be one more tool. You will be able to watch the videos of the specific projects in which the materials are shown and step by step you can see in a dynamic and fun way the development of the project with indications.

The COURSE consists of the 11 projects of the book 101 CREATIVITY PROJECTS.Vol. I, presented in 11 videos.

Together with your book you will receive an access key to enter and thus be able to follow more closely the projects that you find more complicated, included in the price of the book.



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  • 11 videos on Virtual Classroom
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