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The Heart of Japan, Art and Culture.

The power of the word.

Are you passionate about Japanese culture and personal growth? If so, you cannot miss Kotodama, the power of the word. The heart of Japan, Art and Culture, by Sonia Caballero. This book is a guide to discover the essence of Japan through its art, philosophy and culture.

In Kotodama. The power of the word, you will find keywords such as Wabi-sabi, art and Zen, Kintsugi, Ichigo-ichie, Kokoro wo komete, Ikigai and Kuu. All of them are concepts that are part of the cultural heritage of Japan and that will allow you to immerse yourself in its culture.

This book is an invitation to an inner journey that will lead you to discover the connection between the word and the human being. Thanks to its pleasant and accessible style, you will fall in love with Japanese culture and discover the philosophy behind it.

Kotodama. The Heart of Japan, Art and Culture. The power of the word is an essential tool for those who wish to delve deeper into Japanese culture and personal growth. That is why if you are a lover of Japan or are simply looking for an original gift for someone special, this book is a perfect option. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in Japanese culture and acquire this literary gem.

ASIN: B0C2RRP1KZ Publisher : Independently published (May 2, 2023) Spanish Language Hardcover: 188 pages ISBN-13: 979-8393292034 Product weight: 304g Dimensions: 13.97 x 1.68 x 21.59 c2