Pack I |Course 101 Creativity Projects. Vol. I+Course Fun Maths – Geometry


 101 Creativity Projects. Vol. I

Art, Architecture, Culture, Values…


The COURSE is one more tool. You will be able to watch the videos of the specific projects in which the materials are shown and step by step you can see in a dynamic and fun way the development of the project with indications.

It´s a VIRTUAL CLASSROOM consists of the 11 projects of the book 101 Creativity Projects. Vol. I presented in 11 videos.


 Fun Maths – Geometry




Learn how to make step by step the main 3D geometric figures with origami in 7 videos.

In the FUN MATES Course / Geometry / Polyhedra with Origami all these basic figures are collected. It is a NEW WAY of learning that gives very good results and helps to develop and create new talents. It is a privilege to have access to something so EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE that is only developed in a few schools in Japan.

・Access for life.


101 Creativity Projects. Vol. I

Art, Architecture, Culture, Values… (Course)

・11 projects of the book 101 Creativity Projects .Vol. I, presented in 11 videos. ・Access for life. FUN MATHS, GEOMETRY (Course) POLYHEDRONS WITH ORIGAMI
・7 videos, more than 60 minutes.
・Access for life.