WISTERIA Kyoto | Lithography – canvas or paper of the highest quality

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Lithography models with the best offers according to online store comparisons and online store shopping reviews. Choice of two models:

1-Top quality linen fabric  Canvas Dublin 370gr lithography:

Size S  ~ 75 cm x  24,27 ………. 79€

Size M ~ 100cm x 32,37 ………. 169€

Size L ~  140 cm x 45 ………. 289€


2-High quality pearl paper 230gr lithography:

Size S  ~ 75 cm x  24,27 ………. 59€

Size M ~ 100cm x 32,37 ………. 89€

Size L ~  140 cm x 45 ………. 169€

 High definition photographic prints on 370 gsm Canvas Dublin canvas or 230 gsm pearlescent paper, with vivid colors on high quality thick canvas to create the look of the original nature and masterpiece. This way you will feel close to nature while appreciating the beauty of the art. Canvas Wall Art and Canvas Painting are the modern way to brighten up the walls of your home and relax after work by creating a relaxing and unique atmosphere.

Perfect decoration:

Perfect choice for decorating the walls of living room, bedroom, guest bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, meeting room, hall, kindergarten, coffee shop, apartments, hotels, inns, spas, lounges, steam rooms, waiting rooms.

Satisfying gift:

Top quality Canvas Dublin 370gsm modern canvas print art or 230gsm high definition pearlescent paper, a perfect gift for your family and friends on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, festivals, etc.

Professional manufacturer:

Professional print manufacturer specializing in producing high definition printed canvas murals, original paintings and inkjet printers , Photo to portrait painting, Photo to canvas printing, Canvas prints.

We inspect the artwork at every step of the finishing process and then carefully package your artwork to ensure it reaches you in the best condition.

Images and actual items seen through the screen are slightly different in color.

Artwork does not include frame or stretcher bars.

For other dimensions please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


1- Canvas Dublin 370gr. linen canvas of the highest quality:

Take it to a specialized art store and ask for a custom  wooden canvas.  It will look like an original work of the highest quality and colorful. Then you can take your canvas to be framed in a store specialized in frames.

2-Pearl paper of maximum quality 230gr:

Find a frame with the measurements of the poster or order it in a specialized frame store.



Wistera Kyoto

2014,  90cm x 130cm | Oil on Canvas.This is a 350 years old Wisteria tree, located in Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi, Japan.


Bunkamura Gallery Tokyo 2016

Embassy of Spain in Tokyo 2014

JAPAN COLLECTION is inspired by the 20 years almost that I have been living in Japan. I have come to love this land, its culture, its wonderful landscapes, its classic art, as well as its delicacy. The works of this collection are an impression perceived by a cluster of emotions, feelings, together with the wonderful places that have been etched into my heart.

Top quality linen fabric Canvas Dublin 370gr  or top quality pearl paper 230gr.