Sonia G Caballero agrees with Ernest Oriol the creation of her new high jewelry line

Sonia G Caballero agrees with Ernest Oriol the creation of her new high jewelry line.

We have always said in Romero that sharing is the basis of Premium Networking, and therefore, one of our most recent brands, Sonia G Caballero, has understood that together we are stronger, and has taken advantage of the Romero platform to reach partners who can benefit in her business interests.

On his trip to Barcelona for business, one of the most momentous was the meeting with the High Jewelry company Ernest Oriol, one of the most emblematic Spanish brands in Spanish jewellery’s designing since 1951.

The quality of the elements used in the pictorial works of Sonia G Caballero, are every day of higher quality, and therefore, the artist wanted to take a step forward in her jewelry division. To achieve this, she needed to join brands with a proven reputation in Spain, and Ernest Oriol was the perfect partner to make that leap.

Ernest Oriol, is a myth in the Spanish high jewellery, with worldwide sales including Japan, self-made manufactures, as well as for prestigious brands such as Tiffani and Cartier among many others.

This first meeting with the General Director Javier Oriol was held to resolve the new materials to be used, and the new models to be designed. Javier’s advice is invaluable thanks to his enormous experience in High Jewelry. It was not expected, but it was a pleasant surprise of meeting Ernest Oriol, the creator of the brand 68 years ago. The meeting was very endearing and also very instructive, Mr. Ernest taught many classic designs that he had created in recent years, and gave him several tips on what to design and what materials to use.

In short, Ernest Oriol Joyeros will be in charge of the new high jewelry line of Sonia G Caballero, elements of her works taken to high jewellery. Pieces that are focused on by being full of colour and unique shapes. We are looking forward to seeing these new pieces in the very near future.

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