SONIA G CABALLERO: Paintings “a la Carte…”

The Spanish artist based in Japan the last 20 years of her life also develops personalized art for some of her clients.

Sonia G Caballero we have always said that she is not a conventional artist. She has innovated in Japanese painting techniques, creating his own techniques, has reinterpreted oriental art by mixing it with western art. She has created a line of high jewelry products … and if it were for it her, she would not stop creating and creating … One of her innovations among renowned artists is the creation of paintings on demand for some of her clients.

And the creation of art tailored to her customers is something that had been around for a long time, and it was Saito San, a 72-year-old lady, who first asked for a custom-made painting. That was after the Wisteria exhibition in Bunkamura, Tokyo, in June 2016. She was in that exhibition and Sonia remembers her words “Thank you for bringing me the park, I can even smell the flowers” Sonia G Caballero told us. “She brought me a photo album of gardens in which she had been throughout her life. She says that in those places there were happy moments from her youth. She wanted a painting that every time she saw it she felt again in those gardens. The result I created was “Wisteria Garden” concludes the artist.

A little later, the client who asked for another custom-made painting was Sayuri San, “she wanted,” recalls Sonia G Caballero, “to give two pictures to her children. She also brought me photos, in this case I had found in the network of Yakushima, a Japanese island and for the other painting she brought me several images. I wanted her to have some elements that are considered of luck and fortune to see on the first day of the year, Hatsuhinode, is the literal translation of the first day of the year. And the elements that contain are Mount Fuji or a pine, which means longevity at dawn. This painting was a composition of three photos “says the artist.

And there are more and more customers asking for their own painting. They remind happy moments in their lives on them, places that they remember with love, in short, indelible memories that they want to have immortalized through the interpretation of an artist as recognized in Japan as Sonia G Caballero.

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