Sonia G Caballero launches her new jewelry collection

In collaboration with the prestigious jeweler Ernest Oriol, it significantly improves compared to previous collections.

The artist born in Madrid was eager to continue evolving in her role as a jewelry designer. And I was very clear that the quality of the final products had to take a step forward, therefore Ernest Oriol as the best option to develop the new collection.

They set to work to obtain an excellent final product, with the experience and prestige acquired since 1951.

Desire: the fruit of “The tree of desire”

Desire is the workplace designed by Sonia G Caballero, a mysterious and elegant environment for its shades. This piece, which was created with great delicacy and a lot of work by Sonia, will guide you towards the serenity of the heart of the person who puts it on.Desire is like a little gem that claims to fulfill its wishes to its owner. With its unique harmonies of color and mysterious aura, WISHES is at the heart of the collection designed by Sonia G Caballero.

The result of meticulous and delicate works of art, which lead to a world of peace and connection with the essence and the most intimate desires of each. This work has great power, which can clear the mind and heart.

WISHES are small pieces of art like jewels that come together with desires …

WISHES are the fruits of the TREE OF WISHES.

The DESIRE collection is from High Jewelry, they are unique pieces each 1/1 of 18-carat gold in rose gold and yellow gold. With the seal of authenticity and guarantee by Sonia G Caballero SGC.

To buy these pieces, you can order them through the Sonia GCaballero website.

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