SPIRAL EXHIBITION – 2014 | Tokyo- Embassy of Spain

I would share a list of gratitude with you. These are some of the people who have contributed to making this project possible:
First of all, my mother, Carmen Caballero, who introduced me to the world of art and has been a personal example of hard work and persistence, and, of course, my father.
My husband, Shinichiro Mikame, who has been my patron, has helped and encouraged me to make new projects, dedicating his time, love and patience.
To my children, Luis, Miguel and Sofia, who have been my energy as well as a vital source of inspiration.
Santiago Herero Amigo: Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Spain in Japan.
Javier Sanchez De Leon : Cultural Section of the Embassy of Spain in Japan (Organization and exposure monitoring · Call for Media)
Kana Miyamoto : Cultural Section of the Embassy of Spain in Japan (translations of texts and interpreter)
Daniel Yamauchi: Consular Section
Norie Nakao: Consular Section
Together with others belonging to the Cultural Section, assembly and technical areas from the Embassy of Spain in Japan who have worked on this project.
Jose Luis Ceballos · Spanish craftsman Martin Carpenter
Elena Diaz Gonzalez · Spanish Artisan
To all my teachers and people who have had a great influence on my work and have guided my path, including Mieko Sasaki sensei in Japan and Brother Jose in Spain.
Thanks to all the people from Spain have been partakers through Facebook, sharing, commenting etc.
Thanks to all who have sent flowers, cards and messages in public and private media with their expressions of affection and appreciation.
Thanks finally to all who have taken time to visit the exhibition.