Melia Marbella Banus

International collective exhibition

27/ oct /2022 ~ 19.30 ~21:30




Sonia Caballero for the first time in Spain presentation of:

ART & JEWERLY is a project that started in 2017.

My work “The Tree of Wishes” and its fruit, the high jewellery pieces “Deseos” made by Ernest Oriol Joyeros from Barcelona, manufacturer of Tiffany and Cartier.

We present for the first time the “Desires” medallions in 18K gold. Unique and exclusive pieces of High Jewellery.

You can see all the jewelry here:

We work to order.
We need a minimum of one month to make each piece of jewellery.
If you are thinking of a unique Christmas gift, you can place your order now so that we have time to get your jewel, for that special person.

ART & FASHION, original and unique work of Sonia Caballero in personalised premium brand garments. If you want a unique piece, contact us at and Sonia Caballero will create a unique design for you.

Japanese kimono painting techniques in fusion with our own techniques.

European Award for Innovation in Fashion and Culture, 2022

Women’s silk shirts and men’s suits in collaboration with Muki Bespoke.

I also presented my two latest coral statues:

CORAL SPAWNING 2017-2018, platinum and 21 diamonds.

My last work RED GOLD CORAL 2022, with 24k gold.

And how not to present my work of golden portraits. Where people could commission a portrait GOLDEN PORTRAITS with 24k gold powder and oil, or its variant COLOR PORTRAITS with colour oil and 24K Gold.
Thanks to Excelence Art Gallery, to Giuseppe Carnevale for the invitation and to the sponsors @spainpremium , @meliamarbellabanus , @biancoscuromag@italiansnewslive , @exclusivelifemagazine

Thanks to Silvia Miguez, a friend without equal.

Thanks also to @mika_kimera_03, for his support. My personal trainer and person of utmost trust.