SUMI – e



Originally, this started out as a monochrome drawing technique. Buddhist monks introduced it from China during the fourteenth century, but it belongs to

the Japanese school of painting. The Sumi-e mainly represents landscapes and natural shapes.

Sesshū, Shubun, Eitoku or Tohaku are all artists and creators of great works. Sumi-e is an art that is based on theTaoist philosophy in which the artist tries to express life in all its splendour, in an easy, natural way, while at the same time capturing everything that has life on paper. Landscapes and natural forms are the main themes of Sumi-e.

The Sumi-e philosophy does not allow correction; it is a unique and definitive stroke. For this reason, high concentration is required and spontaneity begins to take centre stage. The artist is not obliged to create a great work. There is no pressure to arrive at the culmination of the work, nor is perfection necessary.

This method invites the artist to practice and to experiment.

Both the posture adopted and a relaxed attitude are important.

The Sumi-e captures everything that has life. By using only one colour, the volumes and contrasts take on great prominence.

The contrasts depend on the amount of water and paint that the brush contains.

Within Sumi-e there are many techniques.

THE sea is a great inspiration for me. I like to observe the waves of the sea, the shore, and the drawings that the foam of the water produces with its eddies. Making use of the Sumi Nagashi technique in some of my works, I have captured these particular movements of the water, sometimes the apparent anger and wrath of the sea, and in others its peace and tranquility.

Hamabe|浜辺 | Sumi CollectionMeasurements: 35 x 35 cm | Material: Iro-Sumi & 24K Gold on Traditional Japanese paper Washi

In my works I use a variant that is the Iro Sumi 色墨絵, where I use coloured Sumi and 24k Gold or Platinum. The paper is a very high quality Japanese Washi paper, which is handmade.


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