SYSTEM OF SELLING.- To make an order, the customer can choose between several ways:

 Internet, through this website.

E-mail, using the section “Contact” of this website.

PRICES .The customs authorities in each country apply the relevant tax burdens.

PAYMENT .The payment shall be made as follows:

– Bank transfer / deposit into account (the account you are told in the order confirmation).For other payment methods will need to communicate before ordering.

– Payment by PayPal or Credit Card. By selecting this payment method in the shopping cart will follow the secure payment process. Whether customers have the system PayPal as for those who want to pay by credit card.


Calculation of freight: Freight charges are not included in the price.

In some cases the volume the pieces requires an additional cost in the cost of transport depending of the destination. In this case you will be advised for your conformity about the total costs, which specifying your total costs of the transport.

For the other countries of the world is necessary to make specific valuation, according of the volume of the order and the destination. You will be informed by e-mail after the receiving of you order in our central.


Calculation of freight: Freight charges are not included in the price.

For the mainland will cost appears to introduce the products into the shopping cart.

BRIDGE mainland SPANISH .-

The Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands and Ceuta and Melilla, have costs and special arrangements in each case.

Costs applicable, provided that the goods can be sent by parcel post blue (no more than 18 kilos), will be reflected on the web through the shopping cart. In other cases the cost will be adjusted according to requirements of the order

The bearings are made in two ways:

Parcel blue paintings, prints and small reliefs (for a total maximum of 18 kg.)

For any questions please contact us.

* These conditions are referred to destinations on the street or the like to the Spanish mainland. In some cases the difficulty of delivery destination conditions in the building and the size of the products involve additional costs passed on by the carriers. In these circumstances the order will be analyzed individually as to possible shipping cost invalidated the automatic calculation of the basket. In this case we will send you a new appreciation for their approval.

ERROR IN THE DATA AND/OR TELEPHONE NUMBER OF THE CONTACT PERSON. REPEATED ABSENCE OF DESTINATION OR IMPOSSIBLE DELIVERY: When the data from the address and / or phone number of the contact person that has been provided to us by the client, are incorrect or false or in the case of repeated absence, and this makes a return of the package by the part of the Transport Agency , on reason of could not be delivered, the cost for a new shipping depends by the client.

BUDGET .- When an order, the quantity of product, configuration and special features require a prior estimate, the customer will indicate in the mail , as well as the contact person and telephone, and immediately we will respond with our best offer.

RETURNS: The works of art of Sonia G. Caballero are all unique pieces custom and and returns are not allowed.

NATURE OF MY ARTWORKS:  All artworks are  handmade exclusively from start to finish and are unique pieces.

Handmade may cause some slight differences in color finishes or other details. All these effects can create a look which is part of the charm and originality of the product, and this can not be understood as a defect but as part of their identity.


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