JAPAN COLLECTION | EXHIBITION – Sep -2019 | Bunkamura Gallery – TOKYO

JAPAN COLLECTION | EXHIBITION – Sep -2019 | Bunkamura Wall Gallery – TOKYO

13 sep. 2019



…flowers, birds, wind & moon…
At the 5th Bunkamura exhibition, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the famous Tokyo gallery in Shibuya neighborhood, after 20 years living in Japan has been engraved in my heart the Japanese art, especially the current Rimpa of the Edo era. In this exhibition they will be exhibited works that are an expression of the fusion of the Rimpa School in fusion with European art.


“Kachoufugetsu” is a Japanese expression that means flowers, birds, wind and moon. Each one is a symbol of the beauty of nature, but not only this but also the elegant taste for its appreciation and respect.



Capture in an image the evanescence of the delicate moment that nature offers us as the moment when a flower blooms. Being attracted to everyday things like a butterfly, the sound of the wind and the moonlight.