C o l l e c t i o n s

The tree of Wishes Jewel Box



14cm x 27cm x 20cm | Oil Painting, 24k Gold, Silver and Copper.



Embassy of Spain in Tokyo 2014


It is initial sketch of THE TREE OF WISHES


Handmade wooden Jewel Box made to order custom made by Spanish carpenter.

Unique  piece treated with Oil Paint and Silver Powder and Copper Powder.

The result of meticulous and delicate artwork, leading to a world of peace and connection with the essence and the innermost desires of each. This work has a great power that can clear the mind and the heart.

With its singular color harmonies and mysterious aura,”TREE OF WISHES” is a mixture of elements of Japanese culture,  “Kamishimo”, folds of white paper that hang from the neck of the trunk, symbolize something sacred and protection …

See too DESEOS | 0.1cm x 8.0cm and  DESEOS | 0.1cm x 3.0cm, DESEOS are the fruit of THE TREE OF WISHES. DESEOS are small pieces of artwork like  jewels which come together with wishes…



All the works of Sonia G Caballero are unique and exclusive pieces, carefully made with materials of the highest quality and noble metals, Platinum, 24K Gold, Silver etc. Using techniques of fine Japanese art, in fusion with Traditional European classics, give her work a unique character.

All works of Sonia G Caballero have a Certificate of Authenticity belonging to one of her Seven Collections Signed, Sealed and Numbered.