Clay in Montessori

Why clay is a very beneficial material for children?

This clay course for children is based on the Montessori philosophy and seeks not only to develop artistic skills, but also to instill positive values and attitudes. The course will emphasize the importance of courtesy and patience, guiding the children through our example. In addition, priority will be given to hands-on learning and physical materials, encouraging the child’s exploration and independence. Our role as parents is to guide the child as they learn on their own, rather than teaching in a directive manner. Join the children on this exciting journey into the world of clay and Montessori learning!


Introducing the new clay workshop “Discovering the Art of Clay” in a Montessori environment.

Working with clay can be a very beneficial activity for children. Here are some suggestions on how to carry out this workshop:

Provide an adequate space: it is important that the children have a quiet, well-lit space to work on clay. Make sure you have tables and chairs that are appropriate for their height and age.
Provide safe tools: Make sure you have safe, age-appropriate clay tools for the children. If necessary, be sure to supervise the use of the tools to avoid accidents.
Introduce different techniques: Teach children different techniques for working with clay, such as modeling, molding and smoothing. This will allow them to experiment and develop their creativity.
Encourage sensory exploration: Clay is a very sensory and engaging material for children. It encourages children to explore the texture and consistency of clay, and to experiment with different shapes and colors.
Emphasize cleanliness: Clay can be a messy material, so be sure to have a clean-up area so children can clean their hands and tools when they are finished.


Remember that in Montessori children are encouraged to learn through exploration and independent discovery, so be sure to allow children the freedom to experiment and create at their own pace. Have fun!

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