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From now on you will be able to do the Art Projects proposed in the book 101 CREATIVITY PROJRCTS. Vol.I with virtual support.

The VIRTUAL CLASSROOM is intended to be one more tool.You will be able to watch the videos of the specific projects in which the materials are shown  the development of the project with indications.

The VIRTUAL CLASSROOM consists of the 11 projects of the book 101 CREATIVITY PROJRCTS.Vol. I, presented in 11 videos.

Together with your book you will receive an access key to enter and thus be able to follow more closely the projects that you find more complicated, included in the price of the book.

Or if you prefer you can access only the VIRTUAL CLASSROOM. You must take into account that the content of the book is 19 projects in total plus 26 topics to be covered, plus guidance for parents on topics such as SKILLS THAT CHILDREN DEVELOP WITH THE ARTS, CREATIVITY and EFFORT…

A book that has had a great acceptance among followers of alternative education such as Montessori and Waldorf pedagogies, restless pedagogues, homeschoolers… etc. Helping children to find their own IKIGAI, projects of Sustainable Japanese Architecture with the collaboration of prominent architects such as Ivan Acevedo. Unique Japanese art projects taught by Sonia G Caballero at the Montessori school in Japan among many other projects, make it an exclusive and special book, in which the child participates actively, as there is a space reserved to include an image of the project created by himself and a facebook group where he can share images of his projects with a community that participates in this teaching and in this small collective.

In just eight months, since the publication of its first edition, more than 1,500 copies have already been sold. What has led us to want to give more support to educators and children and accompany them in a closer way and we have created a VIRTUAL CLASSROOM with the most difficult Art Projects that are presented in the book included in its original price.

As a mother and Art educator at the Montessori school in Japan, it is easy for me to understand the learning process at different ages of children. The importance of accompanying, supporting and showing possible paths by allowing them to choose between different options. Helping them to develop their talents and fulfill their purpose in life is a direct consequence of happiness.

Sonia  Caballero

Our job as parents and educators is to support children and give them the necessary tools to achieve their dreams.

You can consult your doubts and share images of your work in the group created expressly for this purpose on facebook MONTESSORI ART SCHOOL. Sonia  Caballero

If you don’t have the book yet, get your dedicated copy here.


Some of the activities displayed include small parts, which may present a choking hazard to children under the age of three, as well as materials that should not be left in the hands of an unsupervised child. It is the responsibility of parents and educators to monitor the child at all times to avoid the risk of accidents.

・Access for life. ・11 videos.