DESEO OMAMORI | 24kt Gold, Wood, 11 cm 1/1

1.085,00 +IVA

Material: 24 Kt Gold, oil colors and crystal lacquer on wood round canvas.

Diameter of the DESEO 11 x 2,5 cm

Handcrafted Frame 22 x 22 cm

Made in Spain

Limited Edition

With its singular color harmonies and mysterious aura, DESEOS is at the heart of the collection designed by Sonia G Caballero.

DESEOS are small pieces of artwork like  jewels which come together  with wishes…

DESEOS are the fruits of THE TREE Of WISHES

Sonia Caballero’s beautiful Deseos lockets are a unique fusion of art and jewelry in exclusive pieces created by the renowned designer.

Each medallion is crafted with the highest quality standards, using 18 karat gold and carefully finished by Sonia Caballero. Inspired by Japanese omamori, they have become an elegant fusion of culture and elegance.

These unique pieces have a very special meaning, as they are inspired by the wishing tree, which symbolizes the search for our deepest dreams and longings.

Wishes are pieces of fine jewelry that have great emotional and aesthetic value.

Limited Edition.