SONIA G CABALLERO, Asian and Western fusion in art

SONIA G CABALLERO, when Asian and Western art merge together.

As a blow of fresh air, Sonia G Caballero has made an entry in the Romero corporate environment, as usual, thanks to a personal recommendation of our Premium Networking. And, of course, only one thing crossed my mind after meeting her: Romero must project this talent along with her personality to the world!

In the April issue of ROMERO MAGAZINE we made an extensive interview in which she tells us about her beginnings and pictorial influences.


As has become a usual practice in Spain, it is difficult for local artists to triumph abroad at first before they do in our own country, though things are certainly changing – and for good.

Sonia G Caballero is a woman, and also an artist from head to toe, who spent a summer in Japan when she was 21, taking advantage of the fact that her father was there on a business trip and a year later, once she finished school, she returned to that country for love – and there she stayed.

And her artistic vocation arose in the land of the Rising Sun ever since. With remarkable success, her art has been exhibited in prestigious galleries such as Bunkamura Gallery in the special ward of Shibuya, where Tokyo’s most fashionable and luxurious shopping malls are.

With great determination, she learned the Japanese language to get to know the Japanese society better. And, on a trip to Kyoto in 2000, the gardens and the Golden Temple of Kinkaku-ji caused her such sensory impact that greatly influenced her when painting with gold and other precious metals ever since.

The variety of artistic techniques used (Japanese fine art combined with classical traditional European ones) have given her work a unique and genuine character.

Romero is managing the digital communication plan of Sonia G Caballero since March of this year with a very clear objective: that of promoting the brand internationally so it can gain more visibility, a higher brand value and access to a wider audience than the one it currently has (Japan and United Arab Emirates). And, on a second phase through Romero Premium Networking, generating more business in Spain and other international markets. How are we going to pull this off? By creating opportunities such as private sales, exhibitions and exclusive events for our local and international partners, as well as those events hosted by Romero. Because Romero does fulfill its purposes and is fully committed to its partners by sharing its corporate environment so a long-lasting business relationship is established as a result.

We hope to provide Sonia G Caballero with all our know-how and expertise so she can achieve all her goals.

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