Sonia G Caballero: “Enter the Void-Zen … connect with myself and find inspiration”

10 Basic principles of Zen Philosophy, a lifestyle …

1.- Live here and now
This is the only moment you have, there is only one here and one now, the past is only attainable through our memories, it produces nostalgia and the future is just our imagination in action, it creates anxiety.
2.- Pay attention to everything you do 
Focus on what you do, if you are walking in nature, if you are listening to music, if you are exercising, tie your mind to that activity, try to keep your thoughts from flying to another place, focus on the activity you are running, this is Part of moving meditation.
3.- Be true to your feelings 
Listen to your heart, it will never lead you the wrong way, when your feelings are unpleasant, establish the changes you need to feel at ease. Our feelings and emotions are indicators of how aligned we are with our purposes, so being attentive and being faithful to what we feel will be of vital importance.

4.- Love yourself
Love for yourself is the most important you can feel towards any other being. Loving you will guarantee you well-being, it will place you in comfortable situations for you, it will allow you to have relationships that start from love and respect. Accept yourself as you are and love yourself as you are. You are a perfect being as you are.
5.- Learn to let go
Letting go is one of the basic premises not only in Zen philosophy, but in all those inclined to a full life, binding you to something limits you, chains you, does not let you grow, does not give you space to live new and better experiences. Take the experience for your learning, but let go of what hurts you, the unnecessary, what resents you, the thoughts that overwhelm you. Accept and release.

6.- Be honest with yourself and others
Honesty will allow you to decide optimally, will allow you to recognize your limitations, your mistakes, your successes and mistakes, will allow you to build stronger relationships, with people who probably have honesty as one of their values.
7.- Consider your wishes
That your desires occupy priority places when making decisions, thinking about your desires and working to materialize will be a sign of self-esteem and sense of purpose.
8.- Be responsible for yourself and the world
You are the most important person in charge, take care of yourself and take care of your world, it is your space, we all belong to a unit, we come from the same and we are connected … Take care of your space, take care of your surroundings, take responsibility for your little piece, it will be your Way to change the world.


9.- Do not oppose the flow of life, flow with it
Do not resist, the more adaptability you have, the less resistance you have to change, it will be easier to enjoy a full life. Empty-Zen
10.- Find inner peace
Finding your peace is not a simple task if our mind takes control, your peace will in no case depend on a situation or a second person, it will depend on you, on your connection with your essence, it will be a state that if you get it, you will always try.
Finally, a few words from the teacher Teitaro Suzuki:
“Zen is the ultimate fact of all philosophy and religion. Every intellectual effort must culminate in it, or rather it must begin in it, if it is to yield practical fruit
”Teitaro Suzuki



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