WISHES COLLECTION | EXHIBITION – Feb – 2016 | Bunkamura Gallery- TOKYO

The WISHES  EXHIBITION took place in Bunkamura from February 19th to 28th. In this exhibition you can discover how the fusion between European and Japanese art results in unique and impressive works. The exhibition “Desires” by Sonia Caballero at the Bunkamura Gallery in Tokyo is an impressive display of how artists from different cultural backgrounds …

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SPIRAL EXHIBITION – 2014 | Tokyo- Embassy of Spain

Sonia G Caballero

On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Spanish-Japanese relations in 2014 various cultural events are held to commemorate this year. And how, by selecting different artists, writers, photographers who represent this historic event. This is the case of Sonia G Caballero, considered one of the greatest exponents of art in this Hispanic-Japanese fusion. Art …

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